Tirinnanzi Schools online and offline communication

The Tirinnanzi Institute is formed by four different institutes, from elementary school to high school. Pixlab has been asked to shape entirely their communication, online and offline.

We started this project searching for a visual concept to use as a base module, to evolve all the secondary element. We identified the TANGRAM concept as a rich and full of visual potetial element.

We choose Tangram because it reflects the culture and the values of the Tirinnanzi schools: it is versatile, ready to change shape, always in evolution, educational and playful.The Tangram contains in it-self all possible forms and lends itself to continuous evolution. So the different schools of the Tirinnanzi Institute follow the child throughout the growth, changing the educational recipe but always using the same ingredients of values and method.

We have used the Tangram shapes to define all the communication artifacts, from business cards to digital layout.
To distinguish the different schools we introduced a color code based on basic colors.

Designing the website we have faced the challenge of representing the complexity of the Tirinnazi Institution, giving space to all the four different schools without duplicating all the common contents.

The users will be able to navigate contents browsing through different criteria like geographical position, age of students, subject.

We also made the call-to-action clear and visible, aiming to optimize the online conversions.

Branding, Print, Web Design